Men Spanking Men

The Spanking Room

The Spanking Room Featuring Rudy Valentino
Rudy has been sent to the spanking room for a spanking-J.B Spanks supplies the Punishment! Starting over the knee on jeans then underwear then bare. Next its over the chair for 20 with the ping pong paddle!

The Spanking Room Episode V Alistair
The lad enters the room eating chocolate biscuits which are soon taken away by JB who then takes him by the ear and puts over his knee for a long firm hand spanking. he is then put over the chair and given some well earned swats with the Ping-Pong paddle after which is ordered to get dressed and remove himself form the premises! I wonder who got the chocolates?

The Spanking Room Episode IV Lucas
Being the rough diamond that he is Lucas fails to comprehend that there is a time and a place for every thing-including the bad habit of smoking. Our head spanker soon gets to work on this young man and takes no time in getting him over his knee. Lucas then receives a good over the knee spanking with hand and hairbrush then its up against the wall for some more hand spanking, the ping pong paddle and finally a taste of the belt!

The Spanking Room Episode III Sebastian
JB Spanks take over for this wonderful spanking. Sebastian has a muscular physic and bottom. He is lead by the ear to the spanking chair. JB starts out with an over the knee spanking and then put over the table for the hairbrush. Finally a bonus! To finish up the boys give us some synchronised spanking!

The Spanking Room. Episode ii Stefanel
JB Spanks gets called away just when its Stefanel turn to take his punishment-nevertheless he's in good hands! The spanking starts on underwear then in no time its down to the bare essentials! Then its up a against the wall for for some more hand action and some firm swats with the pin pong paddle

The Spanking Room Episode1-Rowan
Imagine a room where all bad lads go to get spanked-well we've created one! Episode One starts with 3 boys entering the room. next to enter is our NEW Spanker JB Spanks! He gives them a short sharp telling off and then orders them to strip down to bare essentials. He wastes no time in dealing with the first lad with a good over the knee spanking. He then orders him over the chair for some more hand spanking and then a dose of JB's very special spanking paddle.