Men Spanking Men

Soccer Players

Red Card? Red Butt! Featuring Harry
Harry is summoned to the managers office after receiving his third red card. Little does he know that it's written into his contract that if he gets a third card it allows the manager to discipline him. This means a spanked bottom! Harry knows there are no alternatives and accepts his punishment. He goes over the managers knee and receives a spanking on his shorts and then bare bottom.. To add to the humiliation, the manager gets him to count the spanks and say “thank you for spanking my bottom”. Let's hope for his sake it's the last of the red cards!

Soccer Discipline! Featuring Ashley
OTK Hand Spanking! Hairbrush Spanking! Belt Spanking!
Wheel Barrow Spanking!

Ashley has been caught smoking and the coach is not happy so decides to teach Ashley very good lesson! He starts with an over the knee spanking on shorts which soon come down to reveal his amazing bottom! Ashley hand keeps coming up to try and stop his bottom from being spanked so to stop this happening the coach decides to adopt the wheelbarrow position. Next its back over the knee for 12 with the hairbrush. Ashley has been here before and knows the routine and says “One spank on my bottom sir” and then raises his bottom and says “ready” to receive the next stroke. To make sure he has learned his lesson Ashley bends over the ball to receive 12 with the belt after which he is told to go to the showers and get changed-he then gets changed into his “other” uniform!

Score More Goals! Featuring Zack (AKA A.J Nasty)
Zack is summoned to the managers office for a dressing down. He's not scoring as many goals has been expected through the season so some discipline is in order! Zac gets treated to a hand spanking and the use of two paddles across his backside. Perhaps that will give him the incentive to score more goals!

Rafael’s Soccer Spanking!
Rafael has been warned many times about bringing the game into disrepute by constantly swearing at other players on the pitch. The manager has run out of patience and so Rafael is pulled by the ear back to his office for a sound over the knee spanking. He starts the spanking on his very short shorts and soon gets them off to reveal his white underpants. But this is not good enough for the Manager and decides the only way to get through to this boy is a bare bottom spanking. To add to humiliation Rafael is then given a wheelbarrow spanking and then a few reminders with the ping pong paddle!

Late Again Spanking!
Shane is in big trouble! After being constantly late for practice and so the manage has lost patience. Off the team or a spanking is not an option any more-he’s simply going to get a good spanking! He starts on shorts then soon exposes the boys buttocks turning them bright red! The manager decided to finish off with some swats with his favourite team member-the paddle! Will he be late again? I wonder!

I Must Not Smoke! Featuring Evan Novak
Evan has been told that smoking is not allowed as part of his contract but he constantly flouts the rules and thinks he can get away with it-but the Manager has other ideas! Hidden deep in his contract is a spanking clause and the Manager wastes no time in putting this boy across his lap. After getting a red bottom with hand the Manager gets to work with the hairbrush. Later that same day Evan gets discovered smoking again so this time its time for sirs big paddle-ouch!

Deacons Football Spanking!
Deacon is in big trouble! He hasn't been living up to his reputation of being a high ranking goal scorer so the coach decides to give him a choice-off the team or a spanking! Deacon thinks it all bit of fun getting spanked but the smirk on his face soon comes off when he finds himself over the coaches knee. After getting his bottom red we see Deacon head for the shower and then getting change to leave.

No Choice-Featuring Harvey
Off the team or a spanking-is there a choice-no there is no choice! So Harvey takes his punishment over the knee and then for some extra humiliation its wheel barrow time. The manager then presents his beach bat and gets him to repeat the phrase "I must score more goals" Let's hope Harvey will learn his lesson!

Soccer Spanking Featuring Joseph Brandon
Introducing Joseph who really should know better! He lacks drive so the manager decide that a little discipline is in order. Over the knee he goes for a well earned spanking after which he promises the manager 20 goals next season so to reinforce this promise Joseph gets 20 wacks with the slipper!

Right Kit -Wrong Attitude!
Some lads never learn self-discipline so David is summoned to see the manager. Tired of his constant lack of goals he starts by giving David an over the knee spanking helped by his hairbrush and then some extra reinforcement with his size 14 slipper!

Footballer 0 Spanking 1!
Footballer Ricky is not paying attention to the game! Instead of being out on the pitch training he is constantly on his mobile texting his girlfriend. The manager loses patience and decides to deal with this lazy boy him self! Its not long before Ricky is over the knee receiving his punishment, He gets up to leave but the manager over hears him saying under his breath “fuck you” and decide that a little more training on his rear end is in order!

Jack’s Football Spanking
The Manager is definitely not happy with this rising football star! Once again showing up for practice without his boots. Luckily in his contract the manager has total control over discipline so Jack knows whats coming-a good footballer spanking! Over the knee he goes and its not long before those sexy shorts are off and sir gets down to business! Next its up against the wall for some paddling then over the desk for sirs size 14 slipper! Ouch!

Soccer Star Spanking! Featuring Milan
The match is well under way but where is the star player? After a late night he is sleeping in the dressing room. Of course the coach is not impressed so decides the best way to wake him up is a good over the knee spanking! Later that same day once again he is found snoozing in the dressing room. This is all to much for the coach so this time its a set of good hard swats from the beach ball bat!

Wayne Soccer Star Gets Spanked!
The coach is not very pleased with this arrogant team player's attitude on the pitch so it's decided the manager is going to teach him a lesson. He first get a hand spanking starting on shorts then underwear the bare. He is then told to lay on the gym bench for some well deserved spanks with the hairbrush. And finally whilst in the standing position he gets another spanking and a taste of a large beach ball bat that lands squally on both buttocks whilst being order to count aloud "one Sir .. Two sir" up to ten...

Marco's Soccer Spanking!
Imagine a football match where the ref can send a player off to get spanked by the teams Manager! Marco's arises to the occasion by presenting his bottom twice in the match for such a spanking.

Franco The Footballer Gets A Spanking
Back by popular demand Franco is over my knee again as Franco the footballer! This time the wheelbarrow position is used to help spank this lazy footballer with attitude. and to keep his hands out of the way trying to stop the spanking Franco is ordered to keeps his hands on the ball-which may help his concentration for the next match!

Leon Gets The Slipper!
The Coach is still not Convinced that Leon has learned his lesson so he decides to put him through his paces with the aid of his slipper and ping-pong paddle! This clip taken from the Cp4men Video "Spank and Go" available at the video store