Men Spanking Men


Pyjama Punishment Featuring Louis
Louis has been caught stealing and has already been dealt with by his headmaster. Little does he know that his guardian has also been informed and is about to get some extra discipline at home! Louis is ordered to go and get ready for bed and report back to the lounge. He knows whats coming and makes no fuss about going over the knee for a good spanking. Hoping to get some extra protection he leaves his underwear on but that makes no difference to what his bottom is about to receive! He is then given some extra swats with the ping pong paddle on his bare bottom!

Nathan and Cody in Cutting Class!
Nathan and Cody's guardian has been informed that the boys did not attend college today. They have been warned about this behaviour before so they know what to expect. Cody and Nathan take turns to go over sirs knee for a good sound spanking Starting on jeans then underwear then bare. After the spanking they are told to get ready for bed and while they are changing into their pyjamas their guardian gets a message from the school saying they have been seen spraying graffiti on school property as seen on CCTV. Once again they are both taken by the ear back over the knee for some extra punishment plus 6 of the best with the Sirs slipper!

Pyjama Punishment!
Conner sneaks into his bedroom hoping that he doesn’t get discovered for being out late. He gets undressed and gets into bed but but Dad knows whats going on and promised this young man if he was ever late home a good spanking was going to be on the cards!

Pyjama Spanking! Featuring Lukas
Lukas has already received one spanking and was told to get to bed but instead he is found in the kitchen ringing his friend to tell him about the spanking. So for further disobedience he has earned himself another spanking and some swats with the paddle.

Pay Attention! Featuring Corey Law
Corey is not paying attention to what he's being told-he is constantly playing around on his mobile phone. Step-dad has had enough so decides to give him a good spanking to get him to pay attention. He is then sent to his room and told to get ready for bed. He knows there's more to come and waits for step-dad to arrive. This time he goes over the knee for some more hand spanking and the step brush. Perhaps he's pay more attention in future!

Pyjama Punishment! Featuring Evan Novak
Evan has been told it’s time for bed. He goes off to get changed but thinks its too early so he comes back into the living room but dad is not having any of this! For being disobedient Evan gets taken by the ear back to the bedroom for a sound over the knee spanking on pyjamas and bare bottom and just to make sure he has learned his lesson he gets some extra wacks with the leather paddle!

David's Christmas Spanking!
Theres tears before bedtime when David is given a good spanking for eating all the mince pies before he went to bed! Bad Boy!!!

T.V Tantrums!
Theres nothing worse than sitting down to watch your favourite classical music programme and have some annoying brat sitting next to you insisting on channel hopping! Daniel is told to go and get ready for bed but when he comes back in the room his attitude hasn't change. Dad has had enough so its over the knee for this naughty brat! His pyjamas don't stay on long and Dad continues the spanking on his bare bottom. The hairbrush is at hand to make sure Daniel learns his lesson. He is then sent straight to bed so Dad can enjoy his favourite programme!

Justin's Just Desserts Full Story
This is a true Story told to me by someone I spanked many years ago
Dad has grounded Justin for a month for signing and sending back his school report card without his father seeing it! After spending only 5 minutes in his room he has a better idea to put forward to Dad. Why not spank him for what he had done and that way he could continue his social life and meeting friends. So Dad worked out a deal with him that he would be spanked every Wednesday night for a month.

I Know What You Did!
The school principal has been in touch with Leo’s guardian because he is not happy with his conduct. Unable to carry out any chastisement at the school they recommend he deals with Leo at home-and Leo knows what that means-an over the knee spanking! After the spanking Leo gets send straight to bed but it's not long till he is back over the need for some extra spanking when its discovered that there’s more evidence that he has been misbehaving!