Men Spanking Men

Life Guards

Roberts Bad Behaviour!
Robert has been told many times to get a grip on his bad behaviour and the manager had given him more than enough grace to change his ways. But Robert is just not absorbing anything that's said to him. So maybe a very absorbed spanking may do the trick! Robert knows his job is on the line and accepts his fate and goes over the managers knee for a good old-fashioned soundly spanked bottom. Let's hope it cures his bad behaviour!

Olivers Lifeguard Spanking!
Oliver has been caught spending far too much time looking at the girls on the beach and not paying attention to what's going on in the sea. He is summoned to the managers office for a telling off and a spanked bottom. He starts off with getting spanked on his red shorts then red underwear then bare eventually turning his bottom the same colour! He is then given some ping-pong paddle and is told to count each of the 10 strokes then given another 10 and told to say “thank you for spanking my bottom sir!”

Bad Life Guard! Featuring Nathan
Nathan has been caught drinking on the job so he has been summoned to the Managers office. Of course he denies the accusation but the boss knows better! He is given and ultimatum-a spanking or the dismissal! He reluctantly goes for the spanking sir gives him a sound spanking on shorts swimwear and Finlay bare. To reinforce his punishment he receives an extra 10 swats with the paddle!

Spanked Lifeguard! Featuring Joshua Clark
Joshua has been seen sleeping on the job so the lifeguard manager decides a good spanking is one way to waking him up! Joshua is bent over the table and given a good spanking on shorts then swimming trunks then bare. The big bat helps to reinforce his lack of concentration!

Lifeguard Spanking Part One
Its the same old story-out drinking the night before an exhibition. Coach J.B has had enough and as promised with all the other trainee lifeguards a spanking will be enforced! Both boys get spanked on shorts swimwear and then bare. The coach thinks they’ve had enough but sees them giggling about there punishment and decides a second spanking is in order-all to be revealed in Lifeguard Spanking Part two!

Life Guard Spanking Part Two
The spanking continues! JB is not happy that these boys have not learned there lesson so some extra punishment is in order. This time its over the bench with some very firm spankings on shorts then swimwear then the pingpong paddle