Men Spanking Men

House Boys

House Boy Spanking! Featuring Angelo
Angelo has taken on the roll of house boy but doesn't seem to be fulfilling his duties! Caught smoking he gets a dressing down and a good hand spanking on jeans, underwear then bare. He gets back to work but the boss discovers a broken plate in the bin! He is soon back over the kitchen bench for more punishment-this time its with the paddle!

The House Boy Featuring Anton Kaner
J.B.Spanks has taken on a new house boy but things are not going to plan! After many warnings Anton is told that if he doesn't improve with his duties a soundly spanked bottom will be administrated which pleases J.B very much as it gives him a chance to put Anton over his knee and also to use a rather nasty leather strap! Will Anton improve? Only time will tell!

J.B Spanks Paul The Cleaner!
J.B. Spanks returns to the apartment to find the cleaner sleeping on the job so to wake him up a good sound spanking is given. The cleaner tries to get out of his punishment by saying he's sorry but J.B is not interested! After getting his bare bottom spanking Paul the cleaner is then given an extra 10 with a nasty strap!