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Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley
Not only has Ashley not been paying attention but he’s also been disruptive in the classroom. He is sent to the headmaster to be dealt with. The headmasters favourite position is O.R.K in other words over raised knee! The headmasters spanking starts on trousers then underwear then rapid fire on Ashley’s bare bottom! Ashley promises to behave and gets sent back to class. Later that same day he is sent back to the headmaster for more punishment but this time it's the slipper starting on trousers then underwear then bare. Once again at the end of the punishment Ashley promises to be a good boy. Do we believe him? I don't think so!

Swimming Sensation Spanked! Featuring Nathan
The team would better suited if the star swimmer would turn up for practice sessions. This has been noted by the team manager and Nathan is dealt with by having a good over the knee spanking-a humiliation that he would hard to hide from the rest of the team in the locker room!

No ID! Featuring Cody
It’s usual for every spankee that appears on Cp4men to bring their ID with them. Even though Cody has been reminded several times to bring his but he has forgotten! This truly is a good reason to give him good spanking-maybe next time he’ll remember!

Harrys First Spanking!
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Harry-our latest young man up for a getting a good spanking at Cp4men. Harry has never been spanked before but is willing to give it a try. Expect to see a lot more of Harry and his partner in crime William who will be appearing very soon!

Score More Goals! Featuring Zack (AKA A.J Nasty)
Zack is summoned to the managers office for a dressing down. He's not scoring as many goals has been expected through the season so some discipline is in order! Zac gets treated to a hand spanking and the use of two paddles across his backside. Perhaps that will give him the incentive to score more goals!

Jacks Cadet Spanking!
Jack has plenty to answer for so the penalty is plenty of corporal punishment! Jack gets 10 solid wacks from two very different paddles and to finish 12 strokes of the cane. In-between receiving those implements he also gets some extra hand spankings on his very nice backside!

Pyjama Punishment Featuring Louis
Louis has been caught stealing and has already been dealt with by his headmaster. Little does he know that his guardian has also been informed and is about to get some extra discipline at home! Louis is ordered to go and get ready for bed and report back to the lounge. He knows whats coming and makes no fuss about going over the knee for a good spanking. Hoping to get some extra protection he leaves his underwear on but that makes no difference to what his bottom is about to receive! He is then given some extra swats with the ping pong paddle on his bare bottom!

Prefect Punishment! Featuring Nathan And Cody
Two Students-one visiting from another school have been caught fighting in the playground. They have been sent to the headmaster for a good over the knee spanking on trousers then underwear then bare. The headmaster gets called away so the rest of their punishment is delayed till the afternoon. Extra punishment is given with the hand, ping-pong paddle and the hairbrush. The headmaster seems to think that Cody is the troublemaker and decides to give him six strokes of the cane on his trousers then underwear and eventually on his bare bottom.

Hotel Porter Punishment! Featuring Ashley
Not a good day for Ashley. He has been asked by one of the hotel guest to iron his trousers but the iron is too hot and burns a big hole!. Ashley doesn’t want to lose his job and suggests to the guest he gets his his bottom spanked instead. Maybe next time he’ll pay more attention to his ironing skills!

Late! Featuring Jack
More than once Jack has been warned about constantly being late for classes and his guardian decided to drive the message home. Jack is pulled by the ear across sirs lap and receives a good sound spanking on shorts then underwear then bare-bottom. As he was thirty minutes late in the first place he receives and extra 30 spanks with the hairbrush!

Student Stealer Spanked-Featuring Louis
No sooner has Louis finished writing 100 lines for a previous misdemeanour he is summoned to the headmasters office to answer the charge of stealing from the local sweet hope-and CCTV has all the evidence. The Head has been given the option of dealing with the Louis or getting the police involved so to save the credibility of the school Louis is going to be dealt with over the knee. No sooner has the head started the punishment he is called away on some urgent businesses and so Mr Bodman takes over delivering a very firm spanking. Louis is then given some corner time and to finish off some extra punishment with the very stingy paddle!

Disobeying Orders Featuring Zack
Zack is in big trouble! He’s been disobeying orders and has been told to report to the commander to be disciplined. This commander decides that if Zac is going to behave like a naughty little boy he will be treated like a naughty little boy by going across the commanders knee for a good spanking. Zack receives his punishment but as he starts to walk away the commander hears him muttering obscenities under his breath and decides to re-call him for some extra discipline-this time its a good paddling on shorts underwear and bare!

Ashleys Student Spanking-Extra Bonus Footage!
Ashley is now at an age where he should no better! After several warnings the Headmaster feels he has run out of options and need to curb his bad behaviour so it’s time that some discipline is in order. Ashley has earned him self a spanked bottom!
Ashley willingly put him self across the headmasters knee. His short trousers show off he's more than perfect bottom. He is then told to take down his trousers and once again goes over Sirs lap for more punishment on his white underwear. The headmaster then ask Ashley's permission to take down his underwear to reveal is stunning bottom. Ashley agrees and once again is willing to accept the punishment but this time on his bare bottom. To finish off the spanking Sir gives Ashley extra punishment with a hairbrush and some corner time.
There is some extra footage of Camera A showing the whole of Ashleys spanking from one angle!

Ryans First Spanking!
Ryan has been waiting to try spanking for a long time and finally plucked up the courage to do something about it, We start on jeans then underwear then bare bottom. Ryan then gets introduced to the hairbrush but has a hard time remembering to say “sir.” Eventually he concentrates and counts out the12 spanks being administered which earns him an extra 12 for not paying attention! We finish of with some more spanking and corner time-bad boy!

Nathan and Cody in Cutting Class!
Nathan and Cody's guardian has been informed that the boys did not attend college today. They have been warned about this behaviour before so they know what to expect. Cody and Nathan take turns to go over sirs knee for a good sound spanking Starting on jeans then underwear then bare. After the spanking they are told to get ready for bed and while they are changing into their pyjamas their guardian gets a message from the school saying they have been seen spraying graffiti on school property as seen on CCTV. Once again they are both taken by the ear back over the knee for some extra punishment plus 6 of the best with the Sirs slipper!

David Gets Spanked And Caned!
The Headmaster is sick and tired of Davids behaviour so a call is made to his guardian to get permission to cane the lad. The cane is administered on David's trousers then underpants then he gets sent back to class.
Meanwhile his guardian awaits David's arrival back home to administer an extra hard over the knee spanking on trousers underwear then bare for being such a nuisance at school!

My First Spanking-Featuring Louis
Louis looks like a very sweet boy-but when it comes to spanking he can take it like a man! We start on jeans then underwear then bare-bottom. He also experiences the ping pong paddle and hairbrush for the first time and handles them very well. We certainly hope you like Louis -theres more to come!

The Doctors Remedy! Featuring Leo
It’s a new year and the season is about to begin. Leo has been to a New Years eve party is not really in the mood for training. He goes to see the team Doctor to try the old trick of not feeling well. The doctor is immediately suspicious and so decides to run a couple of tests including an anal thermometer! The doctor has decided the only thing wrong with Leo is a thing called lazy-itus and has one remedy-to give Leo a good spanking-perhaps that will get him in the mood for training!
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