Men Spanking Men



Pay Attention! Featuring Ashley
Not only has Ashley not been paying attention but he’s also been disruptive in the classroom. He is sent to the headmaster to be dealt with. The headmasters favourite position is O.R.K in other words over raised knee! The headmasters spanking starts on trousers then underwear then rapid fire on Ashley’s bare bottom! Ashley promises to behave and gets sent back to class. Later that same day he is sent back to the headmaster for more punishment but this time it's the slipper starting on trousers then underwear then bare. Once again at the end of the punishment Ashley promises to be a good boy. Do we believe him? I don't think so!

Hotel Porter Punishment! Featuring Ashley
Not a good day for Ashley. He has been asked by one of the hotel guest to iron his trousers but the iron is too hot and burns a big hole!. Ashley doesn’t want to lose his job and suggests to the guest he gets his his bottom spanked instead. Maybe next time he’ll pay more attention to his ironing skills!

Ashleys Student Spanking-Extra Bonus Footage!
Ashley is now at an age where he should no better! After several warnings the Headmaster feels he has run out of options and need to curb his bad behaviour so it’s time that some discipline is in order. Ashley has earned him self a spanked bottom!
Ashley willingly put him self across the headmasters knee. His short trousers show off he's more than perfect bottom. He is then told to take down his trousers and once again goes over Sirs lap for more punishment on his white underwear. The headmaster then ask Ashley's permission to take down his underwear to reveal is stunning bottom. Ashley agrees and once again is willing to accept the punishment but this time on his bare bottom. To finish off the spanking Sir gives Ashley extra punishment with a hairbrush and some corner time.
There is some extra footage of Camera A showing the whole of Ashleys spanking from one angle!

Soccer Discipline! Featuring Ashley
OTK Hand Spanking! Hairbrush Spanking! Belt Spanking!
Wheel Barrow Spanking!

Ashley has been caught smoking and the coach is not happy so decides to teach Ashley very good lesson! He starts with an over the knee spanking on shorts which soon come down to reveal his amazing bottom! Ashley hand keeps coming up to try and stop his bottom from being spanked so to stop this happening the coach decides to adopt the wheelbarrow position. Next its back over the knee for 12 with the hairbrush. Ashley has been here before and knows the routine and says “One spank on my bottom sir” and then raises his bottom and says “ready” to receive the next stroke. To make sure he has learned his lesson Ashley bends over the ball to receive 12 with the belt after which he is told to go to the showers and get changed-he then gets changed into his “other” uniform!

My First Spanking-Featuring Ashley
bottom has got to be one of the finest Ive ever had the privilege to spank. Ashley is a very charming but cheeky looking boy and took his first spanking very well. He had a terrible habit of calling me “Mate” which annoys me at the best of times. So there you have it-a perfect reason for spanking this gorgeous boy and insisting that he calls me Sir in the future! The spanking starts on jeans then underwear then bare. Afterwards he gets a further 12 with the hairbrush and told to say sir after each stroke. Finally for some added humiliation another twelve with the hand insisting that he says “thank you for spanking my bottom sir” after each smack. He just about gets it right which adds to endearment of him saying it. There will be more to come from Ashley in the new year!!