Men Spanking Men


Ashleys Student Spanking-Extra Bonus Footage!
Ashley is now at an age where he should no better! After several warnings the Headmaster feels he has run out of options and need to curb his bad behaviour so it’s time that some discipline is in order. Ashley has earned him self a spanked bottom!
Ashley willingly put him self across the headmasters knee. His short trousers show off he's more than perfect bottom. He is then told to take down his trousers and once again goes over Sirs lap for more punishment on his white underwear. The headmaster then ask Ashley's permission to take down his underwear to reveal is stunning bottom. Ashley agrees and once again is willing to accept the punishment but this time on his bare bottom. To finish off the spanking Sir gives Ashley extra punishment with a hairbrush and some corner time.
There is some extra footage of Camera A showing the whole of Ashleys spanking from one angle!

David Gets Spanked And Caned!
The Headmaster is sick and tired of Davids behaviour so a call is made to his guardian to get permission to cane the lad. The cane is administered on David's trousers then underpants then he gets sent back to class.
Meanwhile his guardian awaits David's arrival back home to administer an extra hard over the knee spanking on trousers underwear then bare for being such a nuisance at school!

Gavin’s Bad Grades!
Its that time of the year and Gavin has not achieved the exam results expected of him. If he did well it would be a new bike if not a promised good spanking! So its over the knee he goes. The spanking starts on jeans then underwear then bare. He then bends over the table to finished up with 12 across his bare backside with the hairbrush-that’ll teach him to pay more attention!

Nathan and Cody in Cutting Class!
Nathan and Cody's guardian has been informed that the boys did not attend college today. They have been warned about this behaviour before so they know what to expect. Cody and Nathan take turns to go over sirs knee for a good sound spanking Starting on jeans then underwear then bare. After the spanking they are told to get ready for bed and while they are changing into their pyjamas their guardian gets a message from the school saying they have been seen spraying graffiti on school property as seen on CCTV. Once again they are both taken by the ear back over the knee for some extra punishment plus 6 of the best with the Sirs slipper!

Cody’s Student Spanking!
Bad behaviour seems to be Cody’s middle name but as far as the Head is concerned its something that he is not going to put up with! Cody goes over the knee for a good sounds spanking on trousers, underwear then bare. But the punishment doesnt stop there-sirs hairbrush is put to use with a further 13 on his bare bottom and then to add to the humiliation he get another 12 and asked to say “thank you for spanking my bottom after each stroke. Perhaps that will teach him to behave!

Spanked Paddled and Caned! Featuring Oliver!
This boy just never seems to learn his lesson. His first report to the head required a hand spanking starting on trousers then underwear then eventually on his bare bottom. More misbehaviour earned him a dose of the paddle promised by the head. Bur still this boy never learns. He has been caught cheating so this time its 12 strokes of the cane on his underwear then on his bare bottom. Will this boy ever learn? I doubt it!

Thank You For Spanking My Bottom Sir!
Due to public demand Nathan is back again and looking every bit the bad school student! After being summoned to the headmaster he has managed to negotiate being spanked instead of detention. His over the knee experienced is enhanced by the humiliation of having to thank the master for spanking him after each layer of clothing is removed eventually getting soundly spanked on his bare bottom. He has been warned that if he comes back again it will be the cane. True enough later that week he's in front of the headmaster this time its for 6x6x6 strokes of the cane on trousers underwear then bare-ouch!

Caught Smoking! Featuring Earl
Earl has been discovered smoking around the back of the bike shed. Sir takes no time dealing with this very naughty boy! Earl is pulled by his ear to a nearby chair where he is given a very sound spanking starting on shorts then underwear then bare bottom. Later that same day he is once again discovered smoking and this time the headmaster has promised him the cane! Told to bend over the desk he gets 6 on shorts 6 on underwear and finally 6 bare bottom. Has he learnt his lesson? Only time will tell!

I Must Behave Featuring Oliver!
Oliver has been sent to the headmasters study for bad behaviour and its not the first time! Sir has decided to make an example of him by putting him across his knee and to spank his bottom. For Oliver its very humiliating but knows he deserve it and is prepared for getting a sore bottom!

Bad Boy Nathan!
Nathan is in deep trouble! He’s been caught fighting again and is getting a bit of a reputation of being the school bully. Sir knows just how to deal with this sort of behaviour and so Nathan has no choice-its going to be one of sirs famous over the knee spankings starting on trousers then underwear then bare bottom. Nathan is then ordered back to his classroom but sirs over hears some bad language so before he goes its time for a paddling!
Sir decides 6 on trousers 6 on underwear and 6 bare bottom is a just punishment for Nathans well designed rump!

Student Spanking! Featuring Evan Novak Plus Bonus Footage!
Usually a good boy but unfortunately Evan is once more in the headmasters study. So the headmasters thinks a good sound over the knee spanking is in order. Evan was excepting the same so he knows there’s no use in pleading for mercy so over the knee he goes to be spanked on trousers then underwear then bare! There will be a sequel to this spanking where Evan gets the paddle!
Included is some bonus footage which shows the spanking from the front camera!

Student Caught Smoking On Campus!
Time and time again Ebor has been told not to smoke on campus but this time the principal has had enough a feels a short sharp shock is in order. He gets him by the ear and before he knows it Ebor is across his lap getting what he deserves-a good spanking on his upturned buttocks-and what an excellent pair of buttocks they are!

Bad Marks Featuring Angelo
It’s the end of term and Anglos repot card doesn’t make for good reading. He was offered a new bike if he did well but if he did badly it was going to be a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. The spanking won! Angelo take his spanking well and is also given the hairbrush for good measure! Perhaps he’ll do better next term!

Spanking Reflections Featuring Dean Thomas
The star student and head boy is in trouble again and is about to earn himself 30 smacks with the paddle. Starting with 10 strokes on his shorts then 10 on his underwear and finally 10 on his bare bottom. Watch his butt cheeks quiver as the paddle lands on his wonder buttocks! After the 30 strokes he gets a hand spanking just to confirm he has learned his lesson. After he has finished sir leaves. Dean then rubs his bottom knowing he has ben a bad boy. And although he feels sorry for himself he pulls up his underwear and trousers and returns to his class. Not sure if he will be sitting down for a while!

Deans Student Spanking!
Deacon's house master is not happy about his grades. He's been warned several times and has not responded so there's only one thing for it-a good spanking! After the over the knee spanking Sir gives Deacon an extra 12 with the hairbrush.

College Boy Spanking! Featuring Troy
Troy is heading back to the states to do some more studying but before leaving I decided to spank him for all the bad things he has done whilst being at college in the UK.
At each stage of the punishment and to make it a bit more interesting Ive got him to say a few new phrases that you wouldn't normally hear when a young man is across your lap being spanked!

Deacons Student Spanking!
Deacon's house master is not happy about his grades. He's been warned several times and has not responded so there's only one thing for it-a good spanking! After the over the knee spanking Sir gives Deacon an extra 12 with the hairbrush.

Smoker Spanked! Featuring Kevin Wade
Some boys never learn and Kevin is no exception-caught smoking AGAIN! But this time he tries the headmasters patience a bit too far and earns him self a place over sirs knee! His trouser soon come down and so do his underpants! Sir re-enforces the spanking with some extra swats with his very stingy paddle!

Lukas Student Spanking. Featuring Lukas Reynolds
Lukas is in big trouble as he has not gained the marks he should have got in his exams so the head master decides to give him another type of mark that will make an impression on his naughty bottom! Lukas gets what's coming over sirs knee and to finish it off he gets 6 good wacks with sir’s size 14 slipper!
Also extra face footage!

Student Spanking and Caning! Featuring Alex
Such a bad bad boy! Alex has been sent to the headmasters office for bullying again! Sir waists no time and swiftly puts Alex across his knee for a good hand spanking. He then decides that's not enough so some more with the hairbrush! Later that day Alex is sent back to the head master for bulling again-this time its the cane!

Spanked And Caned Again-Featuring Joseph
Joseph is back in the Headmasters study again and this time its for fighting! Joseph gets a good spanking on trousers then underwear then bare. He rubs his bottom thinking it’s all over but the headmaster overhears Joseph swearing about his punishment and decides a dose of the cane is in order. He gets six on trousers six on underwear and six on the bare bottom. Let’s hope he has learned his lesson!

Clean Your Room!
Boys will be boys and Alex like so many students neglects his duties as far as keeping his room clean. His Dorm master has given him repeated warnings and has run out of patience so there's only one course action left-a spanked bottom!

The Third Warning! Featuring Boris Lang
Boris has been late three times this month which means he's in for an over the knee spanking. His tutor takes no time in administering the punishment soon to be followed by 12 with the slipper!

A Spanking or Detention? Featuring Joey!
Joey doesn't like the idea of detention so he asks the detention teacher for an alternative punishment. The option is a good old fashion over the knee spanking. Joey accepts the offer and goes over his knee when he gets up from being spanked on his trousers he thinks its all over but he his shocked to learn from the teacher that he'd only just begun!

Spanked & Caned Featuring Joseph Brandon
Another visit to the headmasters study finds Joseph in a deep of trouble! This time its over the knee for this rugby playing boy for a thoroughly good spanking. As if that wasn't enough a return visit has guaranteed this young man six with the cane first on the trousers then on underwear then bare-let that be a lesson to him!

Ryans Bad Behaviour!
For some boys the only way to get through to there brain is via there bottom! Sir has had enough of Ryans bad behaviour and decides a trip over sirs knee should do the trick-until the next time!

Paco's Punishment!
The landlord is NOT happy. Paco is a Spanish student but he’s over indulgence like late night parties excessive noise and drug taking do not fit in with the landlords contract. So Paco has no option to get a spanking from the landlord! He hopes this will bring him back in line-I wonder….!

Dads Very Angry!! Featuring Robin Hyde
A note from school says Robin has not been doing his home work. This can only mean one thing-truancy! Dads takes it upon himself to nip this in the bud once and for all and give Robin the spanking he so richly deserves!

A Student Spanking Featuring Lucas
Lucas enters the room for a good spanking-first its over the knee on shorts then underwear then bare and to finish off the punishment he gets 10 swats with the big boys paddle. Quit possibly the most beautiful butt I've had the pleasure to have spanked yet-in fact stunning!

James-Repeat After Me!
James is constantly late for class so sir decided to spank him. Eventually he gets down to bare bottom and introduces the hairbrush. To reinforce the punishment James is supposed to say "Thank you sir ready to receive sir" after every spank but being nervous he says something different and so much better! Next its over the chair and sir gets James to repeat a sentence-his reward is a smack with the paddle after every word!

Peters Punishment!
Normally such a good lad but Peter has no choice but to take his punishment. Over the knee he goes-his tight trousers showing off his excellent pair of buttocks. Next its time for trousers down and Peter receives more punishment on his white underwear. Next its bare-bottom time and just to get the message across its 6 with the slipper!

Late Again!
The head is all out of warnings-its three in a row rule and your out which means that Marcus has to suffer the consequences of a good sound spanking! Over the knee he goes starting on trousers then underwear then bare. To get the point home he gets some extra punishment with the slipper-that should get the message through!

Saul’s Student Spanking!
Saul has some home work but not the kind he’s going to like! Not paying attention and mis-behaviour are the lessons to be learned so over the knee he goes for a sound spanking starting on trousers-underwear then bare and just for good measure he gets to count each strike with sirs hairbrush! When it gets to bare bottoms time Saul wriggles wonderfully as Sir gives him his just punishment.

Glutton For Punishment
Michael has been taking short cuts whilst training for the school marathon so the Games master asks for the headmasters help in sorting this “problem” Michael is summoned to the headmaster for an over the knee spanking and then over the chair for sirs favourite paddle.
The headmaster is also Michaels Dad and warns him of whats to expect when he gets home that night!

Tom’s Student Spanking!
Some lads never learn. Once again Tom is sent to the Headmaster’s chambers for a choice. A spanking or detention- is there a choice? Tom gets soundly spanked over the knee then across the sofa with Sir’s brand new paddle. Facial expressions where far too good to ignore in this part of the punishment so there is extra footage at no extra cost. One of the best bottom’s Ive had the pleasure to have spanked

Pavel's Student Spanking!
Pavel looks stunning in his school uniform and its not long before he is over the knee of J.B Spanks. Knowing that Pavel can take it like a man JB wastes no time delivering a very firm hand spanking on trousers underwear then bare. And just for good me sure some extra punishment with the slipper!

The Wrong Shoes! Featuring Milan
Some lads are well turned out at school but heres one lad who constantly flouts the rules! Generally he has a smart look but is constantly turning up in trainers! The headmaster sees red and an instant punishment is administered so over the knee he goes for a good hand spanking on trousers then shorts then bare. After a short interlude in the corner the head continues with young Milan bending over for the paddle. Perhaps this will correct his constant disobedience-though I doubt it! EXTRA BONUS FOOTAGE!

A Good Walloping! Featuring Erik Plus Extra Bonus Footage!
Some boys never learn. Erik is taken by the ear into the Headmasters study and over the knee he goes. First he gets soundly spanked on his trousers but theses are soon removed and the pace moves up a notch and gets spanked on his underwear. Not entirely happy that Erik is learning his lesson Sir decides to go all the way and remove his underwear to reveal his bare bottom. But its not over yet! Erik get summoned back later that same day for a good walloping with the slipper.
A Pain In The Backside! Featuring Julian
Theres nothing worse than an unruly student who won't do as he is told. Quite simply they are a pain in the backside. JBspanks has not time for this behaviour and decides to give Julian a real pain in the backside! Over the knee for a good hand spanking then he finishes him off with a size 14 slipper!

Daniels Bad Marks!
Dad is not happy. Daniels end of term exam results are not good and after many warnings Dad has run out of patience so its over the knee for for this young man! Daniels bottom is certainly very spank-able and Dad soon gets the point across.

George's Student Spanking
George looks very smart in his school uniform and but he's not too smart at paying attention in the classroom! So its a trip to the headmasters study for this young man! Over the knee he goes for a hand spanking on trousers. These are soon off and sirs hand goes to a faster pace but its not long till his briefs come off so sir can get his full attention on his bare bottom!

Head Boy Spanking Featuring Dan & JB Spanks
Theres a lot of responsibility being a Head boy and although Dan is a model pupil he can sometimes go off the rails! His school has a system of demerits and he has slowly been building up quite a few! Dan has a choice of going either going over the headmasters knee or a week of detention so he decides to get it over with and get a spanked bottom-its either that or not training for the big rugby match!

Student Spankings Featuring David
Its the last day of term. The Headmaster is cleaning his study. The last thing he needs is an unruly boy-but he gets one!
He Begins with a traditional over the knee spanking starting on trousers then underwear then bare. His father gets in formed and gives the headmaster permission to give the boy a dose of the slipper on his behalf

Student Spankings-Roman
Roman knows that he is going to get spanked by his tutor and so when he arrives he has been instructed to surrender his bottom to the tutors lap immediately on entering at his study.
He has been told the spanking will be as long as the tutor feels necessary. Its starts on trousers then under wear then bare and just for a little extra reinforcement he gets 20 with the paddle.

Marco's Schoolboy Spanking
JB spanks turn to do detention which is annoying as he is late for an important meeting! At the same time Marco has an important football game to attend so for both of them the last thing they need is a detention! Strangely they both have the same thought in mind-a spanking would be so much quicker to resolve this problem! So JB decides to take matters into his own hands!

School Thief Cums
The school thief has been soundly spanked and sent back to his dorm to think about his bad behaviour but find theres more thinking going on about the spanking than he realises! In the background you will hear audio of the spanking that he has so strangely enjoyed. If you want to see the whole spanking look for "Bottom Marks For School Thief

Bottom Marks For School Thief !
Back by popular demand John the rugby player is now looking very dashing in his school uniform-but not for long! Caught by officer JB he is bought back to school for truancy. The head decides too deal with this by placing the boy over his knee

Student Discipline. Craig Gets Spanked!!
Craig is very much a senior at school but still manages to come unstuck! Complete with note he is sent to the heads office for a good spanking. Craig takes his punishment well and presents us with one of the best bottoms I have had the pleasure to have spanked-hope you enjoy to too!

Detention And A Spanking Episode 1 Steven
Steven is the first boy to get spanked. He goes over the teachers knee and gets well and truly spanked on short trousers then underpants then bare. The spanking ends with 10 of the best with the hairbrush

Detention And A Spanking Episode 2 Jamie
Jamie is the second boy to get his bottom spanked. When hi name is called he seems to think its funny but very soon his bottom doesn't think the same and soon realises the its not funny. He goes over the teachers knee and gets spanked on short trousers then underpants then bare and an extra ten of the best with the ping pong paddle

Detention And A Spanking Episode 3 Cricket Bat Over the Desk
The teacher wants to make absolutely sure that both boys have learned there lesson so the boys are told to bend over the desk for one final punishment which involves a very nasty cricket bat!

Student Spanking! Kyle
The last of our series of student spankings also included in our latest dvd video 4 student spankings! Kyle take a does of the paddle as well as the slipper!

Student Spanking Rory
It was a great pleasure Rory because he actually needed it! He was spanked as a lad many years ago by his step dad for what seemed very minor offences.. I wonder why? Rory also gets spanked with the ping pong paddle and slipper! Hope you enjoy this naughty boy accross my knee.. I did

Student Spanking! Callum
First clip in our series of "Student Spankings!" And first to go over the knee is Callum. He has a rugby build with strong muscular legs leading up to a solid muscular backside which makes Callum a prime target for a good spanking! First he gets a good hand spanking on jeans then underwear then bare followed by a dose of the paddle!

Mohamed Gets Spanked!
Mohammed finds out what a good spanking feels like! Never Been spanked before and hated every minute of it!